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What is Top 40?

Music has been evolving what seems like daily and when booking events the question always comes up "What kind of music do you play?" My answer is usually "Anything that will create the excitement you look for." The common notion to the average joe is they look for "top 40" but what is top 40? These days it could really be anything. Billboard top 100 charts have rock, country, contemporary, hip hop, rap, EDM and the list really goes on...Can an event feature all those genres and more? Maybe...But not likely. So for me its not a question of what I play, its more of what a client DOESN'T want to hear. Music these days is about having a certain sound or feel which is key in open format because different genres can have a similar sound element or feel that allows genres to mesh and add to the experience and enjoyment of what is heard. I encourage everyone to have an open mind and open ear because music can and will surprise you, enjoy!

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